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Cumbria View Care leading the way in integrating technology to keep people safe in their own homes.

Cumbria View Care services who are Kendal’s most established Home Care provider are embracing technology and leading the way in tele-health care. Often with care in the community, families are not involved as much as they may like. Dr.Sayani Sainudeen who is the CEO for the company and also a GP is leading the way to change this.


Cumbria View have adopted technology to record care notes electronically. Carers dictate the notes on to their phones which saves time and allows more care to be delivered to the individual. With noted being electronic, this information is now shared live with the office, family and professionals on a live basis, seamlessly and automatically. Family and other professionals can be kept updated on every visit every time. What is also does is removes paper notes and diaries and complies with GDPR requirements. Cumbria View aims to improve communication with family carers and to reassure them that care is being delivered as requested. Any deviation from the care plan can be picked up early on and issues rectified as soon as identified.


The team at Cumbria View can install intelligent webcams that can be streamed live at the request of the clients. The Webcams allow for family to not only see what is happening at the house but can also speak to care staff via the webcam and update them as required.

The system is secure and password protected so ensure safety and the service is optional at the request of the client. Cumbria View aims to ensure transparency in the service provided, improve communication with family and keep service users safe while reassuring family that their loved ones are kept safe and free from harm.


Clients can request a pendent that they can wear which will detect falls and make contact with any person of choice which could be family or the office call centre. By adopting this technology Cumbria View aims to keep clients safe from harm and to alert the emergency services as soon as a fall is detected.

“ Keeping our service users safe and reassuring family is our number one priority” said Helen Marwood, Operations Manager at Cumbria View. “ I would be delighted to provide advise on care funding and we also provide a no obligation quote for any one looking for care “ said Kaite McKenzie, Care Manager at Cumbria View. Contact Cumbria View on 01539-735694 or email them at

As the days become shorter, our jumpers get thicker and the time comes to snuggle up with a warm dinner, and here at Wiltshire Farm Foods we are excited to be launching our new Autumn and Winter brochure

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Created by our chefs in Wiltshire, our meals are quick frozen to lock the taste and goodness in, and can be popped in the microwave or oven for you to enjoy whenever you want. The team work closely with our dietitian and have created a dedicated ‘Free From’ range, for those who have to avoid certain ingredients. With options to suit all individual tastes and preferences, this range of meals offers those with allergies more choice and less worry. In addition 150 of our dishes are totally gluten-free – so whether you have an allergy, or you’re simply looking to reduce your gluten intake, you’ll never be stuck for choice.

Our service is simple from start to finish. Ordering is easier than ever, whether on our website, or over the phone. Go online or call us for a free brochure to enjoy at your leisure. Delivery is free, with no contracts, and no commitment*. Once you’ve received your order, meals are quick and easy to prepare and can be cooked straight from the freezer in either a microwave or an oven.

With over 25 years of nationwide service, we are proud of what we do and our customers’ satisfaction is our biggest reward. We have a fantastic range of delicious meals with the added benefit of first-class service and home delivery for you to try today. So call 0800 773 773 for a free brochure or to place your order, or go online at

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Helplink offer transport, shopping and friendship to those needing a little support across the Wirral. Our wonderful army of volunteers support over 750 clients, in the past year they have given 37,500 hours of time. The support and friendship we provide to those finding life a little difficult, which could be due to illness, disability or as a result of reduced mobility, isolation or bereavement, is a life line for many. A client recently said Thanks for your support throughout many difficult years. Helplink have made such a difference to our quality of life, in more ways than you could imagine”.


We provide transport to day centers, lunch clubs, social groups, doctors, hospital and clinic appointments, shopping and general transport.

But we offer a little more support than just transport…..we provide a really personal service tailored to support each client’s needs.

Our volunteers can accompany clients to appointments. It can be particularly helpful if they are a little anxious about remembering everything, or just feel they would like someone with them.


Friendship is a precious commodity that can seem scarce as we get older or if living alone and away from family. Our visiting befriending service can step in when family or friends are not around. Knowing that a friend is popping round for a chat in a day or two can make a huge difference.

We have volunteers who have a wide variety of interests but they all have one thing in common, they enjoy chatting and making new friends.


Our volunteers either go shopping with our clients, or do the shopping on their behalf and deliver it to their home. Our clients simply telephone the office with their shopping list or if they need help making the shopping list, we can do that too.

If you or someone you know needs our help, please call us on 0151 648 3322 or visit to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Home, Your Care…

Organising care for your loved ones can be difficult. Contrary to average perception about growing old and ending up in a care home, home care is actually becoming the preferred option by thousands of people up and down the country.

Have you considered homecare? There are many advantages to homecare but one of the biggest has to be that it allows you to age in the place you know best – your home. Because your home is the keeper to a lifetime of memories and possessions, it’s where you feel most safe. Making the dreaded move into a residential home is not always necessary and can usually be avoided.

After all, there’s no place like home and there are so many options that now allow you to do this, including specialist services that can be tailored to your exact needs. Homecare gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing you or your loved one is comfortable at home, receiving professional and personalised care.

It’s even considered that receiving homecare could help reduce the chance of hospital admission, there’s certainly less chance of catching a virus and research shows that individuals recuperating from illness, injury, or surgery recover quicker when resting at home.

At Clarriots Care, it is our believe that you should never lose you independence, that you should continue to life live the way you choose to and we pride ourselves on a dignified, personal and understanding care approach which will exceed your expectations.

To find out more about homecare or to book a free care assessment within 24 hours contact our friendly team who are more than happy to talk about your needs and our care services. Call today on 0333 200 5820 and let our family look after yours.

Types of Care Available

There are different levels of care accommodation to suit different stages in life and levels of care required. Below, there is a definition
and explanation for the types of care home that you may wish to consider. When thinking of  the future, a “dual registered” home may be a favourable option for those with assessed “residential” needs. Dual  registered  homes provide residential and nursing care. Thus the home will be able to continue to care for the resident in the event that their health or well-being deteriorates to a stage where nursing care is needed. Of course, this is only one consideration among many. We hope this list will help you to find the home that is right for you.

Residential or Nursing Care?

Residential Homes for adults provide full board and personal care to people with disabilities and older people; services include assistance with daily living, such as washing, bathing, dressing, toilet needs and eating.

Nursing Homes  provide  the  same  range  of  services  as  residential  homes  but  also,  they  provide care needing  the constant  involvement of, or supervision by, a qualified nurse, and  these homes must be managed by a registered nurse or doctor.

Short term, or  respite care, designed  to give carers a break,  is available  in both  residential and nursing homes.

All homes have been registered by a government agency.
Choosing a residential or nursing home

Our advice is to always visit the home you are considering moving into. Ask to look around the home, including the bedrooms, bathrooms and other facilities. If you are unable to do this, ask a relative or friend to do it for you. When doing so, it may be useful to go through the following check-list:

• Does the home meet your standards of cleanliness and comfort?

• Does the home smell clean and fresh?

• Ask about staffing levels, both day and night.

• What qualifications do the staff have?

• Ask other people who stay there what they think of the home and the staff.• Do the staff seem friendly?

• Ask to see a sample menu and a list of activities that people can do there.

• Ask a member of staff if you will be allowed to bring some personal items into the home, such as photographs, clocks and small pieces of furniture.

• Is the décor adequate?

• Can you have a choice of a single or shared room?

• Are there smoking/non-smoking areas?

• Can you drink alcohol if you want to?

• Is there a lift/stair-lift?

• Are there en-suite toilet or washing facilities in the bedrooms?

Are you able to Choose:

• What and when you would like to eat?

• When you get up and go to bed?

• What time you see your visitors?

• To go out with your friends?
• To keep a pet or plants?• To keep your own pension/bank books?
• To entertain your family and friends?Other Considerations and Queries

• Make sure you will have some privacy if you want it.

• Is there somewhere safe for you to keep your valuables?

• Is there a residents’ committee?• Is there an alarm button in your room?

• Does the home have a complaints procedure?

• Ask what is included in the fees?

• Are there any hidden extras you will be expected to pay for?

• If you want to leave, what period of notice would you have to give?

• What are the arrangements for funerals and payment should you die?• What notice would the home give you?

• What happens if you go into hospital or on holiday?

• How will the cost of the home be met?

• Will you be able to afford it?

Choosing the correct home for you or your relative is a very important process and you should ensure that all your needs and expectations are met before deciding upon making your move to one. Once a move has been agreed a nursing home or residential home can really help an older person who is struggling with certain tasks and could do with the help, many people also find they enjoy the social interaction at the home and the added security they have.

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