Tenants Flood Online To Find New Property

People are looking on mobile devices for their next property, with a 50% increase in the last 12 months, whether that’s on the way to work or walking home from yoga. In fact, 39% of tenants are now searching for their next property out of hours, meaning traditional estate agents aren’t able to catch this segment of the market.

It might be tempting to ignore this trend, people will always want places to live, right? And besides, traditional ways of advertising your properties have never failed before. This is a dangerous attitude to have, look no further than Airbnb. It’s a great example of what is happening to the UK rental market as new channels emerge for advertising property.

22% of landlords use classified adverts, but the times are changing. Landlords must change their behavior to ensure they effectively advertise their properties in the digital world too.

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Austin Heath:

Luxury Retirement properties in Warwickshire

Set in beautiful Warwickshire, there’s the most astonishing retirement village, Austin Heath. Owned and managed by Inspired Villages, Austin Heath has the appearance and facilities more akin to a 5-star hotel than retirement village.

With 49 luxury apartments and penthouses buying here could just be the best step you take on the journey we call life, every apartment is finished to the highest standards and has a true feel of modern life while being tucked away in the most tranquil of settings.

Within the village itself you have a myriad of activities to take your fancy, from meeting areas to a spa and gym there’s always options to ensnare the restless amongst us. Mixed in there is beautiful scenery and an amazing view of Warwick castle, which can’t be the worst landmark to see on your morning stroll every day.

There is obviously more than just the extended holiday aspect of this village though, with around the clock care available to make sure that the experience is as much a pleasure to every resident. Being set in this village layout though adds a real sense of community to the location that can be missing from many retirement destinations.

Part of the ethos of Inspired villages is to enjoy life as evidenced by this comment from Director, Keith Cockell

“Retirement should be a time to enjoy all those things that we forgot to make time for during work”

“A time to savour the company of family and friends, to discover new passions, see new places and rediscover old interests.”

This statement is one of the things that truly sets a location like Austin Heath Village apart from many other retirement communities.

** Villages facilities coming soon as part of Phase 2.

** Prices start from £175,250

*Call 01926 334201 or email for more information or to book your appointment today.

Buying your home is the largest and most important purchase of your lifetime. As a result it is of course essential that prospective property owners shop around. Often the first place they will turn to is their local paper and that’s where we at The North West Times can help promote your business. By putting your agency as a whole or even your individual properties in a listing like format, you can reach those buyers who are searching the market. Displaying photos is an essential part of selling property… the format we have in The North West Times allows an agency to put photographs and information. Whether it is just the one photo or photos on the interior, exterior and garden – our large pages can incorporate everything that you have to show. Research has shown that although this is the most important photo is of course the exterior face, buyers also want to see the interior, garden, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and any special features. Typically, each extra photo displayed can double the response rate. In addition to our ‘property for sale’ pages, we also run property development and home improvement pages. Within these pages readers can find all the latest local and national companies offering products and services to improve the home. Whether for a home owners own comfort or to improve a property developers profit margins – with good research, a sound purchase and clever renovations, property investment can be a profitable business.

Throughout the year we contact local businesses about our features which range and vary depending on the current trends. This year for example it is more than obvious that the home improvement industry is leaning towards being “green” or environmentally-friendly. It is also quiet clear that this trend is going to continue for the years to come. As a result we have run a number of successful features on companies within this industry and over the next few years you will see a lot of interior and exterior products created from planet-friendly and renewable materials.

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