The North West Times On-line regularly features extensive sections on both new and used cars… In fact our vehicle pages remain some of the most popular within the publication. Incredibly there are 34.5million licence holders motoring on British roads in 2011 and 9 out of 10 of those polled stated that even with busy roads; ‘They still enjoy driving’.

The car is, in a very real sense, a ‘territory’, an extension of our homes and also of our bodies – that bubble of personal space around us to which we lay sole claim. As a result we like to make sure that we have the very best when it comes to our vehicles. Readers pick up ‘The Times On-line  when looking for a new car because they want to hear our opinions and find people in their area who can sell them that perfect car or repair any problems with their existing ones.

Most recently, perhaps because of the credit crunch the ‘used car sections’ have been increasingly popular. The reason why so many people prefer to buy a used car instead of a new one is simple: money. Apart from collectibles and antiques, all cars depreciate in value. Most of the depreciation occurs in the first three years of the car’s life. Even worse: the value drops dramatically as soon as the new car leaves the dealer’s premises! People who buy a new vehicle pay thousands of pounds for a short-lived luxury of a ‘new car scent’.

Since the late 90’s the numbers of new car sales and leases have been rising substantially. All the people that bought or leased a new car traded in their older ones. Cars that have been leased come “off lease” in two or three years. This, plus the fact that cars last much longer than they used to, causes a huge supply of used cars. Therefore pre-owned vehicles are more competitively priced than ever, meaning you get more value for your money.

Due mainly to manufacturers and engineers, the durability and reliability of previously owned vehicles means that they are no less a value than a new car. As the price of new cars climbs, the popularity of used vehicles looks to continue to soar higher than ever. There are benefits to buying both types of vehicles, either new or used, but one thing for certain is that previously owned vehicles are more reliable than ever.

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SNAP is a service offered by ETP Card Processing Limited; it utilises technology and systems developed over the past 3 years for handling transport related transactions.

ETP are the only company in the world to offer truck stops and truck wash sites a single terminal which accepts multiple fuel cards as a payment method through a closed network, managing authorisation, transaction delivery and payment systems.

Having created the successful Euro Truck Wash network ( and the innovative Euro Truck Parks network (, ETP have provided many services aimed at improving efficiency for both fleet and site operators. Working in conjunction with the major fuel card companies, ETP are able to accept and manage HGV parking and truck washing transactions for millions of cardholders from all over Europe.

If your drivers are parking lorries overnight or using commercial truck wash facilities, chances are that they have been in front of one of our payment terminals; we have developed software to help revolutionise the administration of HGV parking and truck washing for site owners and fleet operators, providing clear and traceable information.

SNAP provides fleet operators with a single account to manage their truck parking and truck cleaning needs. Unlike the previous services offered by ETP, SNAP utilises number plates to identify vehicles, rather than fuel cards; this is an efficient method offering fleet operators dynamic control of which vehicles are allowed to use truck cleaning and HGV parking. HGV truck stops are easy to find with our regular advertising and drivers guides.

ETP Card Processing Ltd.,
Unit 5 Mackintosh Road,
Rackheath Industrial Estate,
NR13 6LJ,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1603 777249