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Creating precious memories in a virtual world


The comfort, wellbeing and happiness of our customers are the number one priorities at our sheltered schemes, and ensuring residents are enjoying their free time is key to our success.  This is increasingly challenging during the Coronavirus pandemic, with limited opportunities for social interaction.

So, when Damian, the co-founder of mental health charity MancSpirit, gave us the opportunity for our customers to take part in a virtual art class, we jumped at the chance.  This wonderful charity provided all the arts materials and the online tutor, for which we are very grateful.

Our aim is for everyone to be able to get involved as much as they can.  Some residents struggle with simple tasks and may worry that they wouldn’t be able to take part.  However, the carers at the scheme were convinced that it would be something everyone would enjoy.

Damian suggested that it may be a good idea to have some volunteers who could spend time with residents on a 1 to 1 basis, and our carers were more than happy to oblige.

The difference this made was overwhelming in the most positive way.  One customer, Hazel, became focused, very happy, obviously enjoyed the class and was more than happy to sit and learn for almost two hours, something that had not happened in a very long time.

Other than the beautiful piece of artwork she created, Hazel started to talk about her past, where she had lived, work she had done, her childhood and areas she has lived previously. It was a wonderful moment, and this new-found confidence continues to this day.

Damian said: “To see Hazel smiling, singing and sharing stories of her past is really humbling to be a part of. It’s moments like this that makes all the hard work of running the MancSpirit charity so worthwhile’.

Hazel’s story is just one of thousands of stories about how our carers go the extra mile to look after our customers.

For more information about TrustCare and our Alert & Response service:
Call: 0300 777 2777 or visit

For information about our sheltered schemes please contact Trafford Housing Trust on
Tel:  0300 777 7777, email
Or visit

For more info on MancSpirit visit: or contact

For the best in care in Staffordshire look no further than the Avery group of homes in the county. Avery are a company that invests heavily in on-going staff training, to ensure that knowledge, competency and expertise are continually enhanced, so that the residents receive the highest quality of care and support.

Both individual staff and the company have won training awards in 2017, evidencing the progress and achievement of the internal training programmes that the company provides. From a bespoke Apprenticeship in Care, Care Certificate, NCF to Level 5, nurse revalidation, and market-leading Advanced Senior Carer Course now validated by City & Guilds; Avery is pushing forward to ensure that the quality of all its services is underpinned by the best trained staff in the sector.

There are homes in Stafford, Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent, Cannock, Rugeley and Lichfield, all delivering the best in care. There’s always a warm welcome from a friendly community and it’s truly all-inclusive with a clear single weekly fee, no matter how much care you need. There are three nutritionally planned restaurant quality meals a day with table service and menu choices, freshly prepared and using locally-sourced ingredients; refreshments throughout the day include hot and cold drinks, juices, fresh fruit and home baked cakes and biscuits. All of the homes are well equipped, with en-suite bedrooms, smaller more intimate lounges and dining rooms, and gardens to enjoy the outdoors. Some even have cafés, cinema rooms and hair salons.

Avery has a sector-leading Well-being programme to support resident mind, body and soul; dedicated Well-being staff provide a daily calendar of activities and entertainment, arranging visiting groups to bring interests in to the homes. This includes visiting pets and animals of all types, and even children from the local school, all of which have been found to have a beneficial effect for those in care or living with dementia. Each home also has its own minibus to take residents on regular outings to places of interest. Importantly, the Avery Well-being Programme includes measurement and outcomes, to evidence resident progress in the way they enjoy life.

To be well looked after, around the clock, in a safe and secure environment, by the best staff in the sector, and enjoying a supportive and active lifestyle, look no further than an Avery home.

Search ‘Avery Care Staffordshire’ to find the home nearest to you.

Adjustamatic has been making adjustable beds and riser/recliner chairs in the United Kingdom for over 50 years.  We are very proud to be recognised as one of the largest manufacturers of therapy products in the world.

Your expert team for advice on healthy sleeping is delighted to announce that we have teamed up with DR. MIRIAM STOPPARD OBE, well-known to millions as a leading authority on health issues. As our new Health and Mobility Advisor, Dr. Miriam’s expertise, insight and experience is now available for the benefit of Adjustamatic customers across the UK.

Sleep is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle — without it, your physical and mental health will deteriorate. Every person should enjoy between six to eight hours of sleep per night, but this is not the case for many people who sleep on unsupportive, flat beds.  An Adjustamatic bed will mould itself to precisely fit your body, enabling you to help get the required amount of sleep needed for good health.

Adjustamatic also offer a unique built in NHC Cyclo-Therapy massage system, which has been medically proven to soothe pain, ease aching muscles, reduce high blood pressure and improve circulation.  This therapy is used by the NHS in their Spinal Injury Units to aid patients’ recovery.

Don’t just dream of a good night’s sleep, make it a reality with an Adjustamatic bed. Visit our new store in Denbigh and try our affordable beds and riser/recliner chairs yourself.

Visit us on the Colomendy Industrial Estate, Rhyl Road, Denbigh, LL16 5TS.

Looking good and more importantly feeling good has never been as easy as it is today. In the 21st century there are literally hundreds of ways for people living in the UK to improve not only their physical appearance but also their fitness and health. In order to really be at your best you need to ensure a combination of internal health (fitness), external health (beauty) and mental health (a positive stress-free mind).

In terms of internal health we are talking about keeping yourself fit and therefore keeping your organs such as your lungs and heart healthy. With mental health we are talking methods such as spa sessions to unwind, yoga classes to enhance flexibility, alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy and so on – anything that ensures that you are stress-free and happy. These kind of treatments have a positive effect on not only your happiness but also you relationships, your work and your life in general. Finally, once you have perfected your physical health and freed your mind of stress you might want to look into your cosmetic appearance. Although not everybody needs a cosmetic make-over there are people who would really benefit in terms of self confidence and belief in themselves. Treatments such as dentistry, hair styling, manicures, pedicures and so on are all popular.

Readers of the Northwest Times are just like any segment across the UK. They are always looking for ways to look and feel better. From the latest methods to proven techniques, advertisers within the Northwest Times vary, but are all noticed. To book your services a place within our extensive features health, fitness and beauty you can call the advertising department on; 01452 311 810 or email to request further details to

Hypoxi Therapy is scientifically proven to burn up to 5 times more stubborn fat than exercise.  Stubborn fat is burnt away and inches are lost with lasting results. It is a natural, non-invasive alternative to liposuction and tummy tucks.  It targets stubborn fatty areas that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to target with diet and exercise.  Unlike other fat loss and lipo type treatments which only target one area at a time, Hypoxi is able to target multiple areas at the same time including waist, stomach, legs, buttocks.  Hypoxi is also the worldwide leading cellulite treatment and is frequently awarded 10/10 for results compared to all other more expensive treatments.No other method on the market achieves the fast, successful, natural and permanent results within the same time frame!  Average results are a loss of a dress/trouser size in only 4 weeks, with minimal effort!In addition to losing stubborn body fat and eliminating cellulite Hypoxi is a completely unique treatment as it tightens and tones skin as the fat is burnt off.  This will ensure you are left with a smooth and streamlined appearance whereas with other fat loss methods you are usually left with skin folds and loose, saggy skin.  Hypoxi is a completely natural and health treatment which also increases metabolism, provides lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins & water retention.Hypoxi has been featured & recommended on many TV programmes including: This Morning, Gok Wan’s How to Look Good Naked, the Alan Titchmarsh Show, the Gadget Show Supersize vs Superskinny, GMTV.Hypoxi is suitable for men and women of all ages.  It provides extremely fast results and is used by many celebrities to quickly shape up and eliminate cellulite including:  Cheryl Cole, Jordan, Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell, Caprice to name just a few. Average loss is 1-2 dress/trouser seize within 1 month and it is suitable for men and women.  We provide the full complete range of brand new technology Hypoxi machines.We offer a completely professional service that is individualised according to your needs.  So whatever you want to achieve, whether to effortlessly and quickly shift stubborn fat to improve your physique, health or appearance, want to slim for a special occasion or holiday, show off your legs but hate the thought of people seeing your dreaded cellulite or want to reduce stretchmarks and tighten skin after having a baby or then call us today to arrange a FREE Trial session with no obligation.Hypoxi ToneTel:  0845 643

Get In Shape For Summer

Summer is coming and of course you want to get in shape. You want to don that new bikini or, if you are male, head into the sea without a shirt on. Right now that might not seem a reality. Perhaps you realise that over the winter months you’ve let yourself go a little, what with Christmas and Easter and all those evenings in. Or maybe you’ve just never had time to get into the kind of shape you’d like to be?

Well, The Dolphin Centre has a solution for you. They have set up a 6 week exercise programme designed by their expert team for people just like you – who want to get in shape for the summer. It starts on the 21st of May and will take you get you into that perfect shape to hit the beaches. But of course, once you’ve done all that hard work you don’t want to spoil it all – what with all the ice-creams and other tasty treats the seaside offers. Well, The Dolphin Centre has thought about this too. They have another 6 week exercise programme called ‘Summer Maintenance’ and it will allow those already in good shape to keep their body and those who need a little bit of extra work to get it.

Incredibly, the 6 week programme that costs just £35.00, includes not only the free 6 week personal programmes… but, it also gives unlimited access to the gym, swimming pool and other Dolphin Centre classes. They’ll even provide you with a free head & scalp massage with Tigi! The two courses work best combined – image the transformation you can achieve over a six week period?

For more information you can visit: or call direct on: 01325 388406

Images Hair and Beauty

We have five beauty salons as well as three hair salons all furnished and equipped to a professional standard. Other facilities include a state of the art tanning salon with upright sun capsule and spray tanning booth.All salons offer a comprehensive range of the beauty therapy treatments and hairdressing services provided by both beginner and advanced level students. Services range from waxing and aromatherapy, cut and blow to colours and highlights and tanning. We also have an extensive retail range for both hair and beauty care including Dermalogica and Wella at a very competitive price.For more information, to book an appointment or to purchase products/gift vouchers please contact the Hair, Beauty and Complementary therapy reception on 01226 216328 or call in at the Old Mill Lane site.
We offer a range of full and part time courses and we also hold regular workshops for salon owners and their employees to update their skill, for example hair extensions, eye lash perming and hot stone therapy.

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Prenton Preparatory School

As headteacher of Prenton Prep School I have dealt with Katie Walden in her role at the North West Times on numerous occasions. She has always been well-spoken and extremely professional in her manner and has followed up conversations with the promised actions promptly. Katie is a good representative for Colston Media and PPS have, therefore, reused the service on various occasions.

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This is to confirm that I have been dealing with Katie for about 3 months now and in all our communications she has been professional in her handling of the enquiry and where possible as offered the best possible rate available and space in the publications we are advertising in.

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Colston Media has really put us on a platform to North West Times readers. We have used them a number of times over the years to promote our Inns and Cottages. Early this year we decided to really push weddings at The Kings Head Inn. Katie, our representative at Colston Media, jumped on this and reached out to us every time there was an amazing chance to get our name out there. Communication between us was clear, so we always knew exactly what er were getting and for how long we would be visible. Katie was also happy to work with us and our right budgets. I provided images and our wedding pack information. From this, the team made a lovely advert that highlighted our best features. All the stress of putting something together was taken away from us. We decided to change the photos used for the earlier adverts which was no problem to the team at all. From all this work, we have started taking a number of bookings for the upcoming year. With out already at the end of March. Due to the area the North West Times is distributed and being accessible online, we really feel this has helped confirm these bookings. We look forward to continuing to work with Colston Media in the future.

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Hi, just a quick note to say thanks to Gary regarding is help in placing adverts with yourself, Gary made the whole procedure very easy and was a great point of contact.

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Good service, great offers simple process and easy to work with!

Oasis Fostering Services

Please find below my thoughts on my experience of dealing with you.
I have always found you to be really polite and patient with me - I have a very busy workload and you have been understanding of this when I haven't managed to come back to you. I have found you to be very helpful and explanatory and have always been happy that I've understood exactly what you are proposing. I have been impressed with how speedy you have dealt with any questions I have had. I was happy with the ad and although it is difficult to always identify where our enquiries come from, we have definitely seen a rise in enquiries - so something is working for us! We would definitely consider using you again and we would definitely recommend you to others.

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I wanted to set down in writing my views on the skill with which you have dealt with me over the last months. You are extremely business-like and always make a compelling case for Holdens to advertise. You are efficient and effective and have a no-nonsense approach which is very engaging. Without your sensible and accessible approach, we would never have advertised or thought to do so. You also have the ability to make us as the client feel special and work with us as if you are working for our success. This combination of skills is exceptional as I can testify after a long career in the corporate environment when one is bombarded with services being offered.
If there is anything, I can do to promote your high level of service to us please do not hesitate to let me know.

Livewell by Cheryl

‘ I found Dan to be very informative, understanding and professional. He was also extremely patient, as I asked a fair few questions. Thanks for your help Dan, especially as I am reasonably new to advertising.’

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My Experience with you and Colston Media was a positive one, you came across very professional and may I say an experienced and "Good" Salesperson. You were not pushy but you did persevere to get the important points across.
Printed advertising does not work too well in this industry anymore, Online and social Media is bringing in the sales at the moment.


I often speak to Shane regarding advertising as we do a lot of advertising for our charity events. Shane is extremely polite and helpful, responds to queries very promptly, and is a friendly person to speak to. Great customer service :)